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    That last thought balloon was a little confronting. I can relate to this alligator, which is not something I say every day.

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Ha ha, I think Virgil represents the nurotic side of my mind at times, I think these were some of my own thoughts when I was writing his dialog, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. When ever in doubt about your life path and pursuits, just know that Virgil the alligator is out there in the universe with you, sharing the worries of life.


  • skullsquid

    i find something disconcerting about the fact virgil appears to be watching human porn

    i also like how brenthoe had a total life-altering experience with the mango and he is now as lovable as h + g

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Virgil has some bizarre fetishes indeed for an alligator, perhaps that is why he has teamed up with Devils Henchmen, perhaps the other alligators ostracized him from there community.

      Brenthoe’s brain was truley altered, although he still has some major quirks and craziness. All I know is that I want me some magic mango!


  • Mike H


    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      That’s right, “POWER UP”, it’s the only way to get the job done!