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  1. Ukrutor

    He bit his left hand, but on the next picture, it is right hand. Poor Giggles, he is so confused :(

    • Jwbalsley

      Poor confused cartoonist, Cheers!

  2. Dysprosium

    First I was happy :)
    then I was scared :o
    then I was sad :(
    then I was happy again :)

    Now I am curious!

    • Jwbalsley

      You’re right Giggles can certainly go through the entire spectrum of emotions simply by poking!

  3. Bristow

    A duck bite! That explains the sound of the book shutting!

    It’s so hard to convey just the right sound effect when you’re a lowly cartoonist… but you handled it rather well, Balsley old boy.

    • Jwbalsley

      Thanks, Bristow, Roofle bites may be scary at first, but are usually harmless!


  4. Goeber

    Nice artwork. :)

    • Jwbalsley

      Thanks a lot, you also have some cool artwork and comics, Cheers!

  5. DadaHyena

    Giggles is awesome. Hooray for hyperactive hyenas!

  6. Jwbalsley

    Hyperactive hyeners is what makes the world go around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, I’m glad you’re diggin’ it so far!

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