• Ukrutor

    He bit his left hand, but on the next picture, it is right hand. Poor Giggles, he is so confused :(

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Poor confused cartoonist, Cheers!

  • http://www.boardgame-online.com/index.php Dysprosium

    First I was happy :)
    then I was scared 😮
    then I was sad :(
    then I was happy again :)

    Now I am curious!

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      You’re right Giggles can certainly go through the entire spectrum of emotions simply by poking!

  • http://www.gocomics.com/mad-mouse Bristow

    A duck bite! That explains the sound of the book shutting!

    It’s so hard to convey just the right sound effect when you’re a lowly cartoonist… but you handled it rather well, Balsley old boy.

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Thanks, Bristow, Roofle bites may be scary at first, but are usually harmless!


  • http://www.goeber.com Goeber

    Nice artwork. :)

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Thanks a lot, you also have some cool artwork and comics, Cheers!

  • http://www.aidancasserly.com/SCAPULA DadaHyena

    Giggles is awesome. Hooray for hyperactive hyenas!

  • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

    Hyperactive hyeners is what makes the world go around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks, I’m glad you’re diggin’ it so far!