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  1. Chris Garrison


  2. jwbalsley


  3. Alex Khan
    Alex Khan

    I like how the Hyena brothers are smarter than they appear…..

    • jwbalsley

      They are very smart, especially Hadji Hadjington.

      That’s why they’re helpers, Grime wouldn’t get anything done without them.

  4. Tony McGurk

    Hmmm… A wine book that’s nearly as good as a 5 hour orga. I wonder how this’ll fit into Hadji’s plan. Love your comics & your artwork is brilliant. I have RSS’d you.

    • jwbalsley

      Thanks a lot Tony, I’m glad you like my work! You’ve got some fun gags yourself!


  5. Bloodvork

    Wait, wait a minute, what the hell? How did I miss this one in the story arc. I thought it was weird that Grime just flashed a book with a coy little “Wine Journal” in the next one. I was going to have some nice nutella waffle dreams tonight, but now I’m only going to be seeing Hadji’s face in the 7th panel.

    • jwbalsley

      Yeah I posted the one with Tabooszels falling down the stairs too soon after this one so I think some folks got cut off for a second.

      All I can say is to not anger a Hyena Helper!

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