• http://dummcomics.com/category/comics/daily/zoo-laffs/ Chris Garrison

    comeek eez ze bee-yooteefool!

    • http://jwbalsleycomix.com Jwbalsley

      Thanks Chris, your comic is next!

  • http://FUCK Prostheta

    Disenfranchised Psycho Seuss. Love it.

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      Ha ha, that’s a great way to put it! Thanks again!

  • http://www.biffzongo.com Fredrik

    I like the hugeness of it!
    One big panel really works for your drawingstyle!

    • http://FUCK Prostheta

      I too look at crisp snowy fields and think, “that could do with trampling and a patch of piss”.

      • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

        Sometimes that’s all anything needs.


    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      Yeah it was fun to try something new, I had fun with the color as well, I was going to do straight black and white at first but I just wanted to experiment.

  • http://tmcomics.com Tony McGurk

    I love Meerkats they are just so cute. Just not so good at stairs though.

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      But they can stand of their hind legs just fine!

  • http://www.gocomics.com/mad-mouse Bristow

    Aaaahh… Jw, ur a cartoonist after my own heart. U know I love the black and white. There is NO confusion there. I especially like the way you captured me as a meerkat on the stairs. Now, if I could only reach that pistol!

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      There’s a little Taboose in all of us!

  • http://www.boardgame-online.com Dysprosium

    “Stairs, I understand.”

    I find it hard to capture how awesome this comic is. You’re absolutely making my day whenever you put a page online. It sort of reminds me of Ren & Stimpy in the good old days, but there’s honestly nothing quite like this. Twisted! 😀

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      Well you made my day due to the fact that it made you happy!

      Cheers for the kind words!

  • http://www.animaticpress.com/ Frank M Hansen

    Great cartoon. Love the style as usual but also the drawings as he hits all those stairs.

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      Thanks Frank, I really like what you’re doing, I’ll have to add you to my recommended sites soon!

  • http://whiteboardblog.wordpress.com/ Bloodvork

    Third Taboose is the face right before, “Oh shit, I’m about to bust my face,” but while still during “weeeee!”

    • http://www.jwbalsleycomix.com/ jwbalsley

      ha ha, he’s decided to just except his fate!

      Thanks Bloodvork!