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  1. Chris Garrison

    comeek eez ze bee-yooteefool!

    • Jwbalsley

      Thanks Chris, your comic is next!

  2. Prostheta

    Disenfranchised Psycho Seuss. Love it.

    • jwbalsley

      Ha ha, that’s a great way to put it! Thanks again!

  3. Fredrik

    I like the hugeness of it!
    One big panel really works for your drawingstyle!

    • Prostheta

      I too look at crisp snowy fields and think, “that could do with trampling and a patch of piss”.

      • jwbalsley

        Sometimes that’s all anything needs.


    • jwbalsley

      Yeah it was fun to try something new, I had fun with the color as well, I was going to do straight black and white at first but I just wanted to experiment.

  4. Tony McGurk

    I love Meerkats they are just so cute. Just not so good at stairs though.

    • jwbalsley

      But they can stand of their hind legs just fine!

  5. Bristow

    Aaaahh… Jw, ur a cartoonist after my own heart. U know I love the black and white. There is NO confusion there. I especially like the way you captured me as a meerkat on the stairs. Now, if I could only reach that pistol!

    • jwbalsley

      There’s a little Taboose in all of us!

  6. Dysprosium

    “Stairs, I understand.”

    I find it hard to capture how awesome this comic is. You’re absolutely making my day whenever you put a page online. It sort of reminds me of Ren & Stimpy in the good old days, but there’s honestly nothing quite like this. Twisted! :D

    • jwbalsley

      Well you made my day due to the fact that it made you happy!

      Cheers for the kind words!

  7. Frank M Hansen

    Great cartoon. Love the style as usual but also the drawings as he hits all those stairs.

    • jwbalsley

      Thanks Frank, I really like what you’re doing, I’ll have to add you to my recommended sites soon!

  8. Bloodvork

    Third Taboose is the face right before, “Oh shit, I’m about to bust my face,” but while still during “weeeee!”

    • jwbalsley

      ha ha, he’s decided to just except his fate!

      Thanks Bloodvork!

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