Here’s a few sketches for a new comic with Skanky Skunk and Valerie the angry cat called A Girl’s Night Out.  I wanted to introduce some weasel characters also as they are always fun so I spent a little time developing them to get them.  It should be coming out later in January or early February here, and at  Stay tuned……………………….valleri11972

A few character studies of Valerie


The plot of this one has to do with Skanky’s sugar addiction, which gets out of controlvcat028print72


Valerie the angry cat, will soon be in her first starring role, oh boy, golly, gworsh!morewezzels






Another Sand Weasel Bandit.  Earlier I was going to make the hyenas for Hyena Hyjinx more nasty looking, but they ended up being more cute and silly so i still wanted a group of characters that were more just nasty and wild but not necessarily evil, just bittey and crazy.

wezzelsprintSome more concept art, with the first versions of the weasels,

The final designs, more weasel like and more vicious looking.  The on with the bat is Scrape and the hooded one is Scratch, I’m still developing a few more too.


This was one of the initial drawings but it looked to “Roger Rabbity” still

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